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“Lisa brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to helping women set and achieve goals that benefit their physical health, mental/emotional well-being and approach to life challenges. She is a dynamic, passionate and enthusiastic advocate. After working with her for more than a year I am more centered and focused about every aspect of my life.

– Genevieve W.

"You give me so much clarity around what I'm filled with angst about. You explain the issues I'm facing in a simple way and then break it down into manageable pieces and sooner or later it's no longer an issue at all. In some cases I already had the solution, I just didn't know it until you helped me get past the overwhelming feelings to see the path in front of me become clear!"

-Jennifer S

“Lisa is an inspiring leader and teacher. She has the gifts of listening yet probing at the right time to help her learn more about you. She is a terrific coach, has a wicked sense of humor and the compassion necessary to bring out the best in others.

– Peggy M.

“Step by step we cleaned up my life. We planned. We made goals. We checked-in. We developed strategies how to achieve the life I wanted. And wow, things have changed. I got a job at a great company. I lost weight. I am a calmer mother. I even have a plan to pay down my debt.”

– Rebecca E.

Lisa has taken me places I needed to go but wouldn’t have gone without her encouragement, support and ideas. I always look forward to our sessions together because I know I am going to come away with some new insights and a ‘stretch’ activity to keep me moving forward. Lisa is a high-skilled coach who I absolutely love working with.”

- Kirsteen W.

“Lisa is one of the most incredibly insightful coaches! I absolutely love the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She holds you to your highest self and does it in a way that is compassionate. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone serious about making some changes.”

– Tara G.

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